Friend Of Kanye West Malik Yusef Faces Lawsuit After He Forged The Rapper's Signature On A Contract

Friend Of Kanye West Malik Yusef Faces Lawsuit After He Forged The Rapper's Signature On A Contract
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According to a report from Page Six, the eyewear company, Gentle Monster, is now suing Kanye West's ex-friend and collaborator, Malik Yusef, for supposedly forging his signature on contracts and also faking invoices from a few different companies, including Roc Nation, in a scam that cost the complainant millions.

Filed on Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior court, the lawsuit from Gentle Monster accused Yusef of using Kanye's likeness to promise them A-list skills to promote their brand and products in a series of videos.

Obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Gentle Monster's lawyer, Susan Leader, from Akin Gump, accused Yusef of lying about his connections to A-list performers and social media influencers like Kanye West, Jay-Z, Beyonce, as well as a few others.

Moreover, Yusef would make claims, such as the alleged fact he goes on vacations with Pharrell Williams, one of the faces of Adidas right now. The company claims they were tricked into signing a $2.5 million deal with the man, but once they became suspicious, they asked for written confirmation of West and other people's participation in the deal.

The company claimed that Yusef presented to them a document which Kanye West signed. However, it ended up being a forgery, and Mr. West had no such knowledge of the deal ever taking place. Yusef also claimed Kanye was designing an eyewear line with them.

Regarding how they came to know, Kim Kardashian actually took to her Twitter account on the 17th of February, 2019, to say that a video distributed online was never actually produced by Kanye or anyone close to him.

As a consequence, Gentle Monster sued Yusef as well as all of the people he had been working with including Sonja Nutall and Burundi Partlow. Gentle Monster is taking them to court for a few different grievances, including fraud, breach of contract, as well as breach of the implied covenant of good faith as well as fair dealing and unfair competition.

Earlier in the year, once again, Kanye and his likeness had been used by Yusef with the designer, Philip Plein. Yusef was accused of contacting the designer just before the New York Fashion Week and acting like the rapper's representative. A source who spoke with Page Six claimed Kanye is speaking with attorneys as well.

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