Porsha Williams' 'Postpartum Cravings' Have Fans Laughing - Check Out Her Recent Post

Porsha Williams' 'Postpartum Cravings' Have Fans Laughing - Check Out Her Recent Post
Credit: Complex

Porsha Williams shared a really funny message on her social media account that has fans saying that she has 'postpartum cravings.' Check out the recent post that she shared.

Here's the message to her fans:

'BTW he’s knocked out the plan is to wake him up and convince him !! Lmaooo,' Porsha captioned the funny post.

Someone exclaimed: 'Postpartum cravings 😂😂😂' while another commenter posted this: 'When he comes back up you're gonna give him some nookie lol.'

Another commenter wrote: 'Tahitian Treat! I’ll never go down there for a Hawaiian Punch fam,' and a fan had this idea: 'Start coughing hella loudly! He will offer you a drink.'

One other follower posted: 'Just shake him and be like “omg bae did you hear that? Go downstairs and look 👀 “ 😂😭 then when he’s down there just yell and tell him to bring you something to drink.'

Someone else came up with the idea above as well: 'Tell him you think you heard something downstairs once he is down there tell him to bring you a Hawaiian punch back😂'

Fans are happy to know that the couple is doing fine these days after the breakup caused by Dennis' cheating.

Just in case you don't know, these two seem to be completely back on track in real-time.

On the other hand, you might have seen that on RHOA, Porsha is just finding out about her fiance’s infidelities .

She was devastated back then, and her fans were really hurt as well, but they made sure to offer her complete support.


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