Porsha Williams And Eva Marcille's Drama Has Caused Their RHOA Co-Stars To Take Sides - Source Says The Cast Is Now Divided!

Porsha Williams And Eva Marcille's Drama Has Caused Their RHOA Co-Stars To Take Sides - Source Says The Cast Is Now Divided!
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It seems like the drama between Porsha Williams and Eva Marcille is actually affecting the rest of the RHOA Housewives as well! Apparently, the rest of the ladies have been taking sides, and now, the entire cast is divided into two separate camps!

Fans of the show know that the beef started when Kenya Moore’s Barbie-themed birthday party for her baby girl, Brooklyn, was surrounded by some confusion.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘The Eva and Porsha feud has divided the Atlanta ladies. It is Porsha, Kenya and Tanya versus Cynthia Bailey, Eva and NeNe with Kandi in the middle.’

Eva, who welcomed her third addition to the family, son Maverick Sterling, not too long ago, reportedly did not bring along the other two of her kids Marley and Michael Jr. for the sole reason that she wasn’t sure what the party’s ‘vibe’ would be like.

Naturally, when Porsha informed Kenya of the comment Eva made, she was pretty offended and mad about it.

However, while a guest on The Real, Eva insisted that she was not trying to throw any shade at her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star and her daughter's first birthday party.

‘Porsha just had a baby and I tiptoed around her whole little feelings. Come on now. B***h if you want me to go off…Porsha has enough bulls***t going on in her life. She can talk about that. I can float her a lot of these blogs so she can mind her own business. Porsha may want to stay out of my business. She still has her C section healing and yet over here worried about somebody else’s babies,’ she said on the show.

Porsha clapped back on social media and pretty much ended their friendship and the rest of history!


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  • PM2901
    PM2901 Nov 11, 2019 7:50 AM PST

    Eva is an extremely beautiful woman, but has a stank attitude that has revealed itself during some of her stints talk show panels. In particular, when she was on "The Real" and they discussed Keanu Reeves' new girlfriend. What Eva didn't seem to know is that those women try to supportive and positive, whereas Eva thought she was still on RHOA. She scrunched up her face and basically said Keanu's new girlfriend was old and ugly. She wasn't havin' it! The panel of ladies tried to assist Eva and get her on the right path, but she didn't take the hint and kept on being nasty. I think right then and there she was no longer in consideration as a future replacement of one of the ladies. Clearly something's coming up the pike; a shake-up of that panel. They've been having a lot of guest hosts. Eva blew it. She's pretty, but her spirit is ugly. But, I still like her more than Porsha. Porsha needs to go down and Eva's just the one to serve it up to her.

  • PM2901
    PM2901 Nov 11, 2019 7:41 AM PST

    I'm Team Eva on this one ONLY because Porsha has never reaped any consequences for her part in her and Phaedra trying to bring Kandi down. Phaedra got pummeled (as she should) and Porsha went unscathed. So, the hot dog king cheating on her while she was pregnant is a nice beginning of her karma.

  • PM2901
    PM2901 Nov 11, 2019 7:34 AM PST

    Um, isn't Eva temping at Dish Nation while Porsha is on maternity leave? I think the staff will choose Porsha over Eva. Eva should be careful. She doesn't have it like that yet.

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