Kylie Jenner Denies Sending Cease And Desist Letters Over Rise And Shine Products

Kylie Jenner Denies Sending Cease And Desist Letters Over Rise And Shine Products
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The Rise and Shine debacle started as a funny bit taken from Kylie Jenner's blog and now has expanded o her offering Rise and Shine merchandise. After rumors spread that the 22-year-old is trying to trademark the common saying, she took to social media to clear things up.

A story of an Australian woman who owns a small clothing line receiving a cease and desist letter from the Jenner went viral.

According to Gold Coast Bulletin, the anonymous woman claimed that she was going to pull the shirts with the phrase because she just didn't have enough money to fight her in court.

'I used to really like her, now I’m like are you kidding me. he design wasn’t about her, it was just a shirt with a different holiday feel. We still have a few left but don’t plan on selling them now. I would be really pissed if we had $4000 worth of T-shirts here but we only have about eight or so.'

Immediately, social media users slammed the billionaire for pulling the stunt.

Kylie has finally heard about the story and took to Twitter to deny it completely.


'Guys, please don't believe everything you read. I have not sent any Rise and Shine cease and desist letters. Rise and Shine was an unexpected moment.. I had a lot of fun with it, and I have laughed so hard seeing everyone's memes since the video came out a few weeks ago. There are no law suits, no cease and desist letters. Happy Sunday,' she shared with followers.

This wouldn't be the first or second time that Kylie tried to monopolize something that didn't belong to her.

The KUWK star tried to trademark her (very) common name and previously came under fire for selling shirts of Tupac with her and Kendall Jenner's faces over his image.

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