Porsha Williams And Dennis McKinley ‘Happier Than Ever’ After Reuniting, Source Says

Porsha Williams And Dennis McKinley ‘Happier Than Ever’ After Reuniting, Source Says
Credit: Source: realityblurb.com

As fans remember, Porsha Williams and her baby daddy, Dennis McKinley, briefly broke up over the summer but now, they are not only back together but also happier than they have ever been! This is what a source tells HollywoodLife.

The insider assured the news outlet that the pair is thriving at this point in time, despite their previous rough patch.

‘Porsha and Dennis are happier than ever and fully back together. They had many conversations about their future and now, things are better than ever between the two of them. They have moved back in together and appear to be on the same page about everything.'

They went on: 'Porsha is very happy with the changes Dennis has made in their relationship, and things are good, and they are jumping back into wedding planning mode.’

Speaking of, while their wedding date was supposed to be this upcoming New Year’s Eve, it is not yet clear if they have postponed it or if it is still the case.

Porsha and Dennis got engaged in the fall of last year, not too long after they learned about expecting their first child.

In March, daughter Pilar Jhena was born and they seemed very happy and in love.

However, only a couple of months later, rumors that there was trouble in paradise started going around.

In June, it was made official – Porsha and Dennis were no longer an item!

Finally, at the beginning of last month, the reality TV star was spotted wearing her engagement ring once again.

Since then, the two have been working hard on fixing their relationship and it sounds like it worked!


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