Malik Yoba Is Fighting Accusers With A Freestyle, His Ex Shares Her Thoughts On The Situation

Malik Yoba Is Fighting Accusers With A Freestyle, His Ex Shares Her Thoughts On The Situation
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Malik Yoba has come under some accusations recently, implying that he is attracted to trans people, which drew a lot of criticism towards him from multiple sides.

The Empire actor wanted to make it clear that his stance on the situation was one that called for respect about the transgender community, and he urged his fans and everyone else commenting on the situation to educate themselves on the issue before deciding to comment on it.

The accusations became much more serious than that at one point though, with one woman accusing the Designated Survivor star of looking in the streets for underage prostitutes.

It is not clear why Malik has become the target of so many accusations right now of all times, but the actor does not seem to have any intention to back down.

Just recently, he released a freestyle in response to the accusations, which seems to have gone over relatively well with some of his fans.

He said: "A lot of nonsense is floatin’ around town the last few days. What am I going to say about all this? I’m not gonna defend myself. Imma dig deep, I’m gonna lean into my creativity.”

His ex-girlfriend seems to have a thing or two to add to the story herself though, as she commented on one of his videos to say that he was currently in a relationship with a trans person, and also accused him of ignoring his children on important matters that he feels comfortable sharing with the rest of the world.

She said: “I expressed that 2 months ago to you when I became aware of your current trans relationship. Why did you NOT have a conversation with our children and wait till last night to text our 1st born with this info. Yet you were preparing your Public months ago on IG! Our children support you and keep so much a secret of what really goes down with our family dynamic. I asked to meet you over a month ago and you have yet to make time. So here I am !! If you know better then do better! Family is first over ALL.”

Responses to her comments have been mixed, with some of Malik's fans criticizing his ex, while others supporting her and expressing their best wishes for her in her current situation.

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