Shaquille O'Neal Is Not Getting Back Together With Ex-Wife Shaunie O'Neal -- 'Basketball Wives' Star Explains Why In This Official Statement

Shaquille O'Neal Is Not Getting Back Together With Ex-Wife Shaunie O'Neal -- 'Basketball Wives' Star Explains Why In This Official Statement
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Things have been a bit strange between Shaquille O'Neal and his ex-wife, Shaunie. The two were recently spotted together supporting their son, and some comments made, and loving gestures by the NBA legend himself led his fans to believe that he might be getting back together with his former partner.

And while many were happy about the idea and were quick to send their best wishes, it looks like they might have rushed a bit.

Or rather, Shaq may have rushed with his announcement, according to a recent statement made by Shaunie.

The Basketball Wives star recently took to Twitter and shared a post in which she explained that she saw Shaq as a fantastic friend, and did not want to ruin that by attempting to reconcile with him.

She added that he was great at co-parenting with her, and that was not something she could ever allow herself to jeopardize in any way.

She wrote: "I've said it once, I will say it again... Shaquille & I are amazing friends who figured out how to Co-Parent. Love our babies as a strong unit,& be the best of friends! Thank you @garywdtea @EvaMarcille & @RickeySmiley for the love, but we are going to keep it this way!"

And while this statement has disappointed some of Shaq's fans, who were hoping for a reunion, some are still happy that things are going well between them on the friendship front, and have wished the separated couple the best in raising their kids.

Shaquille has not made any official statements on the situation, although if he was indeed hopeful for a reunion, it will likely take a while for him to compose himself and express his current position.

Many of his supporters have remained supportive of him in this difficult time, however, and it looks like he is still going strong on that front at least.

One fan had this reaction: "GM sis and YES IT IS!!!! 💩hit different when you choose you...I am always quoting that " 7 streams of income to be wealthy" ..... .you said that one day on your show. You are a straight boss. I hope to be like you one day. Stay bossed up beautiful......"

Another commenter said: "Yep Yep...she fine!! I love you...k bye. Shaunie!!! Was like not my number!!"

This backer claimed: "Shaunie I hope you find someone sooo awesome as you cause you deserve to be loved and happy gurlll good Luck will be watching tonight’s episode."

At least, the former couple is handling the situation with grace.


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