Pete Davidson Kicks Out Fan From Stand-Up Set For Joking About Mac Miller's Death

Pete Davidson Kicks Out Fan From Stand-Up Set For Joking About Mac Miller's Death
Credit: Source: Improv

Pete Davidson took a stand this week at one of his comedy shows and fans are applauding him for it. After a person attending his comedy set joked about Mac Miller's death, the ex-fiance of Ariana Grande kicked them out of the building.

A source who was there said that Pete was starting a joke about a friend that allegedly died of a heart attack at his house. That's when a rude show attendee yelled out 'Mac Miller.'

The insider went on to say that Davidson immediately asked for the interrupter to be removed or he will leave. He also instructed someone to give the person their money back because he didn't need it.

Although it didn't seem like Pete and Ariana Grande had an amicable split, they don't trash talk each other now.

Ariana has since declared that she will be single for a 'very long time' regardless of the fact that she was recently spotted with her ex, Big Sean.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old comedian is connected to Kate Beckinsale after a flirty night of their went viral. They seem to be going pretty steady.

Someone close to the situation old US Weekly: "Kate is so into Pete and has been telling all her friends about him. They have great chemistry, and she loves hanging out with him whenever they get the chance to. She has such a fun, young, loving personality and is happy with him."

It may not last since they live on opposite coasts, but both of the celebrities are enjoying the ride.

"Pete only has eyes for Kate. She’s cool and fun. It’s long-distance, but they’re taking it slow."

The 'SNL' actor think s that Kate is funny and smart too.

What do you think about Pete's noble deed? Do you think that he and Beckinsale will last?

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