Pauly D Looks Unrecognizable With A Beard In New Video And Fans Beg Him Not To Shave It!

Pauly D Looks Unrecognizable With A Beard In New Video And Fans Beg Him Not To Shave It!
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Pauly D has been letting his facial hair grow freely amid the quarantine and it turns out that his fans really love the new look on him! After showing off his beard on social media, people started to plead with the reality TV star not to shave ever again!

The Jersey Shore star looks like a completely different person these days but in a good way!

As far as a lot of his followers are concerned, having a beard really suits him.

This is what they concluded when he shared a clip of him ‘just in the house’ on Twitter.

Soon after posting it, Pauly D began to get a lot of compliments on his looks, the conclusion being that he looked more handsome than usual due to the beard!

Therefore, a lot of the comments and posts about it were advising or even begging him not to shave it off even after things get back to normal.

‘Just in the house if ya need me,’ the caption read.

He was also rocking a baseball cap and a tank top while just filming himself at a high angle.

Pauly is usually cleanly shaven no matter what so users were quick to express their opinions on the beard.

Here are only a few of the many reactions he got: ‘You’re looking good, I think it’s the beard.’ / ‘You better not ever shave ever again in yo life.’ / ‘I’m looking hard af cause I don’t see no pauly from the shore in this person…new beard who dis!?’ / Who am I looking at rn?’

While the latter were mostly joking, it is safe to say that the reality TV star looks really different with this new look to the point that he might not have been recognized if the video was not shared from his Twitter account.

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