Paula Faris Calls Out Tabloids For Making Up ‘Dressing Room Meltdown’ With 'Nemesis' Whoopi Goldberg Before 'The View' Exit!

Paula Faris Calls Out Tabloids For Making Up ‘Dressing Room Meltdown’ With 'Nemesis' Whoopi Goldberg Before 'The View' Exit!
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Paula Faris claims that she never blamed Whoopi Goldberg for her exit from The View and insists that they never even had drama either! In her new book, she shared her side of the story, telling what really caused tension on the talk show.

As you know, she left The View in 2018 and now, her new book titled Called Out: Why I Traded Two Dream Jobs for a Life of True Calling, details what happened.

Furthermore, she made sure to shut down an older report by Daily Mail that claimed Whoopi was her nemesis and that she was sabotaging her job on The View.

‘The writer (who I refuse to call journalist) spun a fantastical tale about how I had been told I was being cut out in my dressing room, how I had lost my cool and blamed Whoopi. And though the article was not true, though I had not had a dressing-room meltdown and had not blamed Whoopi for any of it, none of it mattered. The tabloids had set the narrative,’ she writes in the tell all.

Paula went on to argue that in reality, she and her former co-star had a mature discussion about her choice to leave.

According to her, Whoopi was understanding of her point of view and was supportive of her wishes.

However, just a day after, a source told Page Six that Whoopi was absolutely ‘elated’ Paula was getting ‘axed.’

Paula recalls how these fake reports hit just as she was reporting live from the Republican National Convention.

‘I muscled my way through the rest of the convention and cried myself all the way back to New York. I considered my failure on The View, and that is when the fear came. In fact, the fear seemed to shapeshift, turn into something more like a reality. I did not wonder whether I was a failure; I knew that I was.’

But instead of giving up, she focused even more on her work.

Paula also admitted that there was some tension on set, mainly because she refused to take sides but obviously, nothing like the tabloids made it seem like.


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