LeBron James And Steph Curry 'Can't Wait' For The NBA Season To Come Back - They're Willing To Play Without An Audience!

LeBron James And Steph Curry 'Can't Wait' For The NBA Season To Come Back - They're Willing To Play Without An Audience!
Credit: Source: latimes.com

Because of the pandemic, the NBA season has been put on hold which means that many basketball players are just at home, in quarantine like everyone else! However, not being on court, playing, is quite the big change for them and it sounds like at least, two, LeBron James and Steph Curry, are starting to really miss it!

Apparently, the two are really eager to play again, even if the fans can’t come and support them!

This was, of course, possible at first since the league was considering continuing the season with no audience in the stands for everyone’s protection.

However, Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert then tested positive for coronavirus, COVID-19 and that led to the season being suspended indefinitely.

After more than a month of quarantine, Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James and Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry really want the NBA season back and are willing to do anything to make it happen – as long as they can make it safe, of course!

One insider tells HollywoodLife that: ‘LeBron at first did not want to play without fans, but that's 100% changed now that the virus is so much more than he thought. He wants back on court. But he wants it done right. It's a week by week monitoring situation, but wants to finish this season and start the next season on time. He really wants to get back on court. He knows that he has only a few more years in the NBA, so he wants to be there and win more championships.’

They went on to mention that basketball is his whole life and not being able to play is really starting to get to him.

Meanwhile, following his surgery for a badly broken hand, Steph has been getting much better so ‘He feels good, he wants to be out there and if it's in front of no one that's fine. He's looking forward to doing anything needed with testing to move forward. The NBA was the very first sport to stop so everyone's looking at them to start again. And once they do, Steph's chomping at the bit to get back on the court.’


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