Paris Hilton Is Breaking Code Silence In This Important Video After The Success Of Her Documentary

Paris Hilton Is Breaking Code Silence In This Important Video After The Success Of Her Documentary
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Paris Hilton's documentary This Is Paris revealed many unknown things about the socialite's real life -- not the one she turned on to rise to fame. However, the most important may be her time at boarding school where she was abused.

People who know Paris as the hotel heiress and pop culture sensation were shocked to know that the 39-year-old isn't the 'blonde' stereotype that she has portrayed herself as.

Her voice doesn't drag, she doesn't spend all day looking at her reflection, and she isn't dumb. She's a smart woman who sold the public a brand that they've bought for years.

Now, as she finds herself getting older and even wiser, she's decided to tell her truth in the Youtube series that's racked up millions of views.

Hilton opens up about a boarding school she was sent to in Utah when she was 17 that physically and mentally abused her. The effects have lasted a lifetime.

Now, in hopes of preventing any other teen from going through the same thing -- she has decided to break 'code silence.'

Among the rich and famous, it's known that many of the practices in boarding schools are scarring in more ways than one.

Paris took to Instagram where she talked about her horrifying experience even more and shouted out survivors and supporters.

'If you have severe nightmares from the trauma you experienced while attending the program. If you were cut off from communicating with the outside world and stripped of all of your human rights. If your childhood and teenage years were taken away from you. Put a finger down if you have major trust issues because of what they put you through. If you were force-fed medication without knowing what it was. If you were physically, emotionally, verbally and sexually assaulted while you were there. If you witnessed other kids be emotionally, verbally, physically and sexually assaulted by staff. If you were put into solitary confinement. If you are not afraid to use your voice and let the world know that you are a survivor. And you are not going to stop until these schools are shut down! I see you, survivors.'

She has also called for Provo Canyon School to be shut down and started a petition to do so.

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