Apparently Paris Hilton's Dog, Diamond Baby, Has Gone Missing

Apparently Paris Hilton's Dog, Diamond Baby, Has Gone Missing
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The 41-year-old host of the This Is Paris podcast revealed that her dog Diamond Baby has gone missing. She broke the news to her followers alongside videos depicting sweet moments between her and her dog.

Having been at a loss for words, she added, "This is so extremely hard for me to share," tagging @HiltonPets and noting that Diamond Baby had been missing since September 14.

One of the movers must have left a door open, she explained, explaining why she had to leave a photo shoot early. We've looked everywhere and knocked on every door in the entire area, but we haven't been able to locate her.

The DJ and businesswoman added that she has hired a pet detective and is looking into the possibility of using drones to aid in her search for Diamond Baby. 'I'm doing everything I can to win her back,' she declared.

The anguish I'm feeling is one only someone who has loved and lost a pet can relate to, and therefore my heart is broken. "I have been crying, I am so miserable," she wrote. Without her, I feel incomplete; life just isn't the same. Diamond Baby means the world to me, she's like a daughter. She was my best friend, and we never spent any time apart.

Initially, Hilton was hesitant to go public with her hunt for Diamond Baby because "people may be unkind and I worry about her safety," but now that she has been missing for so long, she is desperate and the prospects of her return seem to be diminishing.

She has posted an email address,, for anyone with information to contact her with, and she has offered a reward of ANY amount for the safe return of her dog. She begged anyone who had seen her child contact her via email with any information they might have.

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