Oscars Gift Bags This Year Are Worth More Than $225K, You Won't Believe What's Inside

Oscars Gift Bags This Year Are Worth More Than $225K, You Won't Believe What's Inside
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The 24 Oscar nominees in the acting and director categories will go home with a big prize after the awards ceremony on Sunday night at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, even though only five of them will actually win the trophy (possibly four, if Scarlett Johanssen wins both the Lead Actress and Supporting Actress categories).

According to Forbes Magazine , the acting and directing nominees will receive a gift bag from Distinctive Assets - a celebrity and product-placement marketing company - worth more than $225,000. This is nearly an $80,000 increase from last year.

While Distinctive Assets isn’t affiliated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, it’s become a tradition in recent years for Oscar-nominated actors and directors to receive lavish gift bags.

Distinctive Assets was founded by Lash Fary - AKA “the Sultan of Swag” - 20 years ago as a private showroom for costume designers who work on TV shows. He started out by handing out branded gift bags at the Grammys in 2000, and now he creates gift bags for every major awards show, as well as private events for different brands and celebrities.

The term “gift bag” is actually misleading because there is no way all of the gifts will fit. Instead, each nominee receives numerous suitcases in the week before the Oscars.

The following gifts are part of this year’s 75-item swag bag:

  • HFactor “hydrogen-infused” water - $29.99 per pouch
  • Hotsy Totsy Haus amethyst bath bombs - $75
  • A Muse brainwave-sensing meditation headband - $250
  • A 12-day cruise on the Scenic Eclipse yacht for 220 guests from Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours with butler service, two helicopters, and a spa - $78,190
  • A romantic getaway in a Spanish lighthouse that’s been converted to a luxury hotel - $1,300-$1,800 per night
  • A one-year membership with Drawing Down the Moon Matchmaking - $20,000
  • Cosmetic treatments and rejuvenation procedures from Manhattan doctor Konstantin Vasyukevich - $25,000
  • Dark Chocolate Milano Cookies - $4.89
  • A Peezy Midstream medical urine collection system
  • A Soma smart bra and silk kimono robe
  • Coda Signature chocolate cannabis edibles
  • Bust support tape from Yen the Label
  • CBD Barkeep simple syrup and SHEbd hemp balm
  • A gold-plated vape pen from Hollowtips - $150
  • A one-year membership to Insignia for on-demand personal assistant services - $10,000

“Sometimes it’s the little things that people like most, not the most expensive thing in the gift bag,” says Fary. “[People ask] why are we giving rich people things they could afford and it’s so not about being able to afford it. You know, Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t need $20 million per film, but she earned that because of her marquee name.”

All of the nominees who receive a gift bag are required to pay income taxes for the monetary value of the gifts they accept and redeem. And, for those who are wondering, Johanssen will only receive one gift bag, but Fary says that he will reach out to the JoJo Rabbit star to see if she wants to donate her second bag.

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