Chris Rock Has Been Offered To Host The Oscars in 2023 But He Doesn't Want It

Chris Rock Has Been Offered To Host The Oscars in 2023 But He Doesn't Want It
Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo

Chris Rock's name has become synonymous with the Oscars this year and possibly for all years to come due to controversy that occurred at the awards this year. The story has been reported a million times but just to refresh the memory quickly; Chris Rock went up on stage to present an award at the Oscars. During his set he made a joke at the expense of Will Smith's wife Jada and Will Smith walked up on stage and slapped Rock. Will Smith faced a ton of backlash for his actions and has been banned from attending the Oscars for 10 years.

Chris Rock on the other hand, has been offered to host the Oscars the very next year, as revealed by the comedian during one of his stand-ups in Phoenix, Arizona recently. Whether its a pity offer from the Academy to try and make amends or simply an attempt to capitalize on the millions of dollars worth of marketing that they already have gotten, its irrelevant because Rock has made it clear that he is not interested.

During his stand up, Chris Rock compared going back to the Oscars to going back to the scene of a crime. The comedian made a reference to the murder trial of O.J. Simpson saying that him going back to the Oscars would be like  someone asking Nicole Brown Simpson "to go back to the restaurant.”

The Oscars has been buzzing all year long after the controversial incident, with most recently, Will Smith returning to social media for the first time since the awards. Will took to YouTube to answer all of the public's questions and to apologize to everyone that he let down. Will also said that he is ready to apologize to Chris and talk it over with him but revealed that the comedian has said he is not ready to meet Will Smith just yet.

Chris has been talking about the incident in his comedy specials though and it seems that is his way of dealing with the entire situation. Will Chris change his mind about hosting the Oscars and return to the awards the next year? Only time will tell.

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