Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Apologized For Sexual Interactions He Was 'Unsure' About

Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Apologized For Sexual Interactions He Was 'Unsure' About
Credit: Source: TheStar.com

Similar to Russell Simmons, it turns out that Harvey Weinstein apologized privately approximately two decades ago, a report from Page Six revealed. Harvey reportedly has said in the past that there were times when he was "unsure" whether or not his sexual encounters were "consensual."

Followers of the case know that Weinstein is currently standing trial in a Manhattan Supreme Court for a number of serious sexual assault crimes. He faces life behind bars if convicted. A 1998 settlement, obtained by the New York Times, reports that Weinstein often didn't know whether things were "consensual."

Ex-employees and formerly unpublished documents revealed the new allegations. For instance, back in 1990, a woman who worked as a Miramax assistant whose identity hasn't been revealed, accusing Weinstein of assaulting her.

Reportedly, Weinstein once said to the Chief Financial Officer, John Schmidt, that he had "done something terrible." "It won't happen again," he allegedly said to Mr. Schmidt. Approximately eight years after, Weinstein paid for two settlements for former Miramax assistants, including Zelda Perkins and Rowena Chiu.

The settlements were to bury the fact that he supposedly attacked Chiu. The documents apparently feature the Weinstein executive stating that he was sorry for the pain he caused them, also noting his own failure to recognize his power in the situation.

The documents say verbatim: "(Harvey) sometimes (doesn't) know when it's consensual." Perkins reportedly recalled the meeting from 22 years ago in which the disgraced producer said he didn't understand when sexual interactions were consensual or not.

Earlier today, Weinstein and his legal team were in the headlines again for what one may consider even more controversial. In the #MeToo era, where victim-blaming is considered as one of the worst transgressions possible, Weinstein's attorney claimed she had never been victimized because she refused to put herself in those situations.

Donna Rotunno said on a podcast that she had never put herself in vulnerable situations even when she was in college. She never had too much to drink, and never went home with a man who she was uncertain of.

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