On The Set Of "Blonde," Ana De Armas Claims That Marilyn Monroe Haunted Her

On The Set Of "Blonde," Ana De Armas Claims That Marilyn Monroe Haunted Her
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In an interview with the media following the world premiere of Blonde on Thursday at the Venice International Film Festival, the 34-year-old Golden Globe candidate claimed that while portraying the late blonde beauty in Netflix's upcoming movie Blonde, she experienced a feeling of Marilyn Monroe 's spirit.

She was definitely near to us, I'm sure of it. De Armas claimed that she was with us, according to Reuters. She was with me, and it was amazing. She was everything I thought about, everything I dreamed about, everything I could talk about.
If she wasn't thrilled with the way they were portraying her on video, she said Monroe's ghost let them know.
I believe she was content. When she didn't like anything, she would occasionally hurl stuff off the wall and get angry. It may sound very magical, yet this is actually the case. De Armas said, "We all experienced it."

According to writer and director Andrew Dominik, who adapted the movie from Joyce Carol Oates' 2000 novel by the same name, they shot in the same apartment where Monroe and her mother, Norma Jeane Baker, had lived when she was younger. In fact, they even shot the death scene in the room where the late Hollywood icon passed away.

The Australian director, 54, acknowledged that it did include elements of the seance, adding that production started on August 4, the day she passed herself from an overdose at age 36 in 1962.
According to Deadline, Blonde's Thursday night debut received overwhelmingly positive reviews and had an 11-minute standing ovation.

My goal was not to replicate Monroe, De Armas previously told L'Officiel, adding that he was interested in the actress's emotions, journey, insecurities, and voice—in the sense that she didn't possess one.


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