Why "Blonde" Received An NC-17 Rating Is A Mystery To Ana de Armas

Why "Blonde" Received An NC-17 Rating Is A Mystery To Ana de Armas
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In Netflix's Blonde , an imagined account of Monroe's life based on Joyce Carol Oates' 2000 novel of the same name, the actress plays the iconic Hollywood figure. Blonde received the much-discussed NC-17 designation from the Motion Picture Association (a step up from classified R), but de Armas doesn't see how that makes Blonde more explicit than other current mainstream movies.

She stated L'Officiel, "I didn't quite understand why it occurred because there are many series or movies that are far more graphic with much more sexual themes than Blonde.

The 34-year-old de Armas stated, "But to tell this tale, it vital to depict all these times in Marilyn's life that led to her end the way that she did. "It needs to address. For "some sexually explicit content," the MPA rated the film NC-17.

In a February interview with ScreenDaily, director Andrew Dominik stated that the NC-17 rating was always his goal for his 2019 film about Monroe.

"Marilyn Monroe is the subject of an NC-17 film. It's somewhat what you desire, am I correct? Dominik stated at the time, "I want to go see the NC-17 edition of the Marilyn Monroe narrative. It's a tough movie. It is entirely the audience's fault if they don't like it. It isn't a campaign for public office." But he admitted to being "shocked" by the rating in a May interview with Vulture.

We must have followed the rules, I thought. However, I believe that if you have a group of men and women discussing sexual conduct in a boardroom, the males may be concerned about what the ladies may think. Just a strange moment, Dominik added.

It's not like how blissful sexuality is portrayed. It's a representation of uncertain circumstances. And don't you believe that American sexual behavior is particularly peculiar? I have no idea why.

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