On Social Media, Kanye West Disclosed An Addiction To Pornography

On Social Media, Kanye West Disclosed An Addiction To Pornography
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In an Instagram post on Thursday, he began his message to Victoria Villarroel, Kylie Jenner's former assistant. "Don't allow Kris to make you do playboy like she forced Kylie and Kim to do," he said.

A giant brothel exists in Hollywood. My family was devastated by pornography. I manage the addiction that Instagram actively encourages. But, he said, "Not going to let it occur to North and Chicago."

The "Donda" rapper was referring to Kim Kardashian, his ex-wife, who supported her kids. At the same time, they participated in Playboy magazine photo shoots in September 2019 and 2007, as Kris Jenner, who manages Kylie.

The rapper called out his ex-mother-in-law in this post and Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, and Charlamagne Tha God, with whom he has previously fought. This was just one of the rapper's several Instagram postings. West greeted "Hilary" and "Mark" and said they were "going to pull me off Instagram" in his first post of the day.

Additionally, he said, "Charlemagne the Godfather and Kris, get your motherf-king popcorn. My kids are going to Donda; they are not going to their school.

In the past, West, who has four children with Kardashian—North, Saint, Psalm, and Chicago—has argued against sending his four children to the school that he also chose for them.

In a subsequent entry, he posted a screenshot of his text chats in which an unnamed individual—possibly Kardashian—asked him to "quit."

You don't have any influence on where the kids attend school, so we need to meet in person. Why do you get to say? He answered, "Cause you half white."

She informed him that her mother had asked her to beg him to stop using her name in their communication. In addition, West has been publicly criticizing Kris for supposedly attempting to lock him up since 2019.

I don't always feel well; I'm approaching 67 years old, which worries me a lot. According to Kardashian, Kris appeared to plead with him, to which he allegedly responded, "Y'all don't have so say over my black children and where they go to school.


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