Offset Reportedly Hopes That Cardi B Will Get Back Together With Him When She Gets Back From Her Trip

Offset Reportedly Hopes That Cardi B Will Get Back Together With Him When She Gets Back From Her Trip
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As you all know, Cardi B and Offset broke up back on December 4, 2018. He hopes that they will be okay once she finishes her concerts and comes back home.

A source close to him knows more details and spilled the tea for the online magazine Hollywood Life. Here's what they had to say:

'Offset has very high hopes that Cardi will be back in his arms when she gets home from her trip. That is all he wants, and he has been doing every possible thing to make it happen.'

The same insider continued and explained that 'Even though nothing is a done deal, Cardi has given him a lot of reasons to believe that he’ll be able to fix things.'

Just in case you didn't know where Cardi has been during these past days, well, she was in Australia and New Zealand, but today she revealed online that she's now ready to go back home.

The same source told Hollywood Life that Offset is currently clinging on every little sign that Cardi has to give.

For instance, it seems that the rapper was really happy to see that she was wearing a necklace that he gifted her for her birthday.

This meant a lot to him, and he's more and more confident that things will be okay with them eventually.

' AUSTRALIA ?? NEW ZEALAND ?? ITS BEEN BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I’m happy I’m going home but I’m also sad:/!!!THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING,” Cardi captioned one of her recent posts.

Someone commented: 'Damn damn damn you look AMAZING ?♥️ , and you have a little beautiful baby girl too !!! What’s you’re secret! What’s THE secret????'

Another follower told Cardi ', And you should be building those memories with your baby it's not just you anymore, your baby doesn't give a shit about money all she gonna remember is that you were never there. You can get back those moments, her firsts, girl snap out if it. You got enough money, hell u ain't never home so whaaaat are u working for? U don't drive, u always flying. U ain't gotta please this world, go to school teach your daughter education is important, not ppl, not pleasure, sure hell not man.'

A person addressed what Offset did and said that 'he had this amazingly beautiful and funny wife and still cheated. Multiple times. That says sum ab his character, and it’s not sum good.'

We hope that Cardi decides what's best for her and her baby girl.

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