Offset Dragged From His Car And Detained By Police Officers During Instagram Live Session!

Offset Dragged From His Car And Detained By Police Officers During Instagram Live Session!
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The rapper was arrested yesterday and he was able to catch most of the incident on his Instagram Live! Here’s what happened!

The video that was posted on social media starts with a cop asking Offset to step out of his car and the star refusing to do so at first due to the fact that they supposedly had their guns already out.

‘I'm not doing that, I'm not doing that. Because you've got guns out,’ Offset argues, prompting one officer to reply with: ‘That's my choice.’

‘I'm not going to move my hands from my steering wheel,’ Cardi B’s husband informs the cops, one female officer telling him that the reason why they were called was that he was allegedly ‘waving guns.’

At some point, Offset pulls the ‘You know who I am?’ card, arguing that because he’s from Migos and has fans, that is why they were following him.’

Hearing this, the female cop denies that had anything to do with it, once again stressing that they were told he was ‘waving guns at people.’

In response, Offset claimed that they had ‘watched somebody beat my car up with a flag.’

Then, a male officer tells Offset, once again, to step out of his car, even putting his hand inside the vehicle to unlock the door.

The rapper argues that they cannot legally do that and that he was going to sue them for it but they end up pulling the rapper out of his car anyway.

In another clip captured and shared by someone in attendance, Offset can be seen outside of his vehicle with the police officers holding him while a crowd forms around them.

Some of the people there can be seen in possession of Trump flags.

Later on, a statement was released by the Beverly Hills Police Department, in which they confirmed that Offset was not arrested.


However, Cardi B’s cousin, Marcelo Almanzar, who was also there, was arrested because he was apparently carrying a concealed gun and a loaded one in public.

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