Nina Dobrev Is Living Her Best Life With Her Friends And She Has Photos To Prove It

Nina Dobrev Is Living Her Best Life With Her Friends And She Has Photos To Prove It
Credit: Source: Nina Dobrev/Instagram

Nina Dobrev is living her best life and she has the photos to prove it. Spending time with her girlfriends, Nina shared several photos featuring a helicopter as well as a luxury boat where she and her friends were living it up. In the first photo, you can see Nina with four of her friends taking a snap in front of the helicopter. Each of the girls was dressed comfy, casual and wore sunglasses. There were six photos included in the Instagram post and you could see the girls inside the helicopter.

In one photo, Nina can be seen sitting in the cockpit flashing the peace sign.

In the helicopter photos, Nina Dobrev shared the following caption.

"Sometimes you only have time to [heli] HOP [tor] over for a quickie. But it was a goodie."

You may see the photos Nina Dobrev shared on her official Instagram account below.

In the second set of photos, Nina and her friends put on their swimwear while they enjoy their time on a luxury boat. The second set of photos went viral and drew more than 250,000 views in less than 12 hours.

In the photo below, you can see as the women are wearing oversized, plush character heads while they pose for the camera. One fan commented that he didn't know he was a furry until he saw their photo.

Nina captioned the picture with the following.

"Something in the water here is making us wild. #ItsStartingToGetWeird."

There was no question that Nina is enjoying some much needed time off for rest and relaxation. She and the girls were having plenty of fun in their outfits and Nina even shared a picture of her with her furry head and her bikini bod stretched out on the boat. The photos went viral and drew plenty of positive praise from her fans.

Nina has more than 17.9 million fans, many who will forever remember her as Elena Gilbert from the Vampire Diaries.  Nina Dobrev recently starred in the CBS series Fam , but sadly the show was canceled after one season.

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