Nicki Minaj And Kenneth Petty - People Hating That They're Dating Brought Them Even Closer

Nicki Minaj And Kenneth Petty - People Hating That They're Dating Brought Them Even Closer
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It is safe to say that not everybody is on board with Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty’s romance! However, despite the mixed reactions it has been getting from fans and other social media users, rumor has it that the hate has been improving their relationship, bringing them closer and helping the two bond.

Fans were shocked when Nicki made her new love public.

In fact, it wasn’t even that new! The rapper and her new man dated back when she was only 16 and remained friends for years even after splitting!

That sounds like a couple people would support, right?

Well, maybe they would if Kenneth was not so controversial!

The man has been arrested before, multiple times, and so, fans are not so sure he is the best person for Nicki to have in her life.

But as mentioned before, one insider report claims the backlash has only done wonders for their relationship, instead of ruining it.

‘When people give pushback about Kenneth she takes it to heart because she cares about him. But the negative talk is not hurting them as a couple - they are very tight. Right now it’s like they're Bonnie and Clyde with the world against them, this is making them bond more,’ one source shared with HollywoodLife.

Minaj has even been super open about her new man and their romance, and that includes their sex life and even future kids’ names!

The insider explained: ‘People can worry about her moving too quickly all they want, the only opinion that matters to Nicki is her own. And to be fair, she's known Kenneth since she was young, they grew up in the same neighborhood, so they have lots of the same people in common and all kinds of shared history.’

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