'Vanderpump Rules's James Kennedy In Trouble With Bravo For Using Lala Kent And Jax Taylor's Deceased Dads As Ammo In Argument

'Vanderpump Rules's James Kennedy In Trouble With Bravo For Using Lala Kent And Jax Taylor's Deceased Dads As Ammo In Argument
Credit: Source: Bravo

'Vanderpump Rules' viewers probably know by now that the feud between Jax Taylor and James Kennedy is as real off-screen as it is on-screen. After taking aim at co-star Katie Maloney for getting him fired from SUR, the DJ said some things he may now regret.

James started out his rant by insulting Katie and commenting on her marriage to Tom Schwartz. In the tweet-and-delete, the England native also lashed out with: "And Jax?! He is just a sad man after his daddy died. Coming for me 'cause I'm the only man he don't like. Brother, make peace with your dead father, please, so you can be set free. That goes for Lala also."

After being called out by outraged fans and Brittany Cartwright, he tried to clean up his mess by stating that he was hacked but it was too late.

"D***! HACKED! I just changed my password. That should do it! Sorry, guys, you know how positive I am. Sending love to everyone today #pumprules."

Jax Taylor answered with a floored 'wow' and then updated followers that he found out Bravo made him remove the tweets.

It turns out as much as the network loves and even sometimes encourages feuds between its stars, they even have a limit of what they find acceptable.

In the latest episode of  'Vanderpump Rules,' James was let go by Lisa Vanderpump for body-shaming Katie Maloney and speaking to other employees badly. In current time, the music producer is back on the 1's and 2's.

However, he may be jeopardizing his future on the show if he can't play nice on social media.

It seems like most of the cast is in agreement that what James said was not okay, but he does have his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, on his side.

What do you think about the drama going on? Did James cross the line?


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  • Sandy
    Sandy Mar 30, 2019 10:11 PM PDT

    NO! He was completely right. So over using their loss as an excuse. Everyone has this happen but not everyone acts like a nightmare and bullies people. F them. I hate Jax, Kristen, and Katie and will stop watching if they continue on the show. Enough rewarding sociopaths for their evil.

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