New TV Show In The Works Based On Mandy Moore's Life - '90's Pop-Star'

New TV Show In The Works Based On Mandy Moore's Life - '90's Pop-Star'

In a new interview with Luke Burbank for CBS Sunday Morning , Mandy Moore revealed that she nearly walked away from the entertainment business due to personal and professional struggles.

Moore explained that in the midst of a divorce and challenges finding work, she asked herself whether it was worth it to continue. During her chat with Burbank for CBS News, Moore opened up about her career, her music, and her TV show, This Is Us.

Fans of the 35-year-old artist know she has been in the business already for twenty years, first starting at the age of 15 in music. She had a pop hit with the song, "Candy," which later led to work with MTV including movies.

Just a few years later, she had five albums under her belt and had gotten married to Ryan Adams. Moore claims that at the time, she honestly thought marriage would inspire even more creativity within herself, but ultimately, it had the opposite effect.

Regarding her relationship which ended in 2016, Moore claimed that, in the context of her marriage, she had spent so much of her time making others feel comfortable that she wound up minimizing herself, for the sake of making others big.

In 2019, other women including Mandy talked about Adams and how his behavior was supposedly toxic . Moore claimed her relationship with Adams was so rough that it ruined her relationship with music. She claimed while holding back tears, that it "destroyed my belief in who I was, as a musician and as a singer."

Five years ago in 2015, Mandy had just completed four TV pilots that all failed, so she was at a point where she thought acting was just done for her and she might as well quit. She considered walking away, going to school, or maybe just trying something else.

However, she didn't, later landing a role in This Is Us, which kick-started her career again. With her recent success, Moore is now back making music as well, and just started touring in support of her new record, Silver Landings.

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