Mandy Moore Supports Fellow Accusers In Battle Against Ryan Adams

Mandy Moore Supports Fellow Accusers In Battle Against Ryan Adams
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Several days after the sexual misconduct allegations were published against musician/producer, Ryan Adams, the ex-wife of Adams, Mandy Moore, came out in support of one of the accusers.

Following the New York Times exposé earlier this week, the singer, Phoebe Bridgers, took to her social media to show disdain for those who let Adams get away with his supposed behavior.

On Saturday, the 16th of February, the star said, "it's been a weird week and I wanted to say a couple of things." The singer/songwriter went on to say thank you to all of those who have supported her, including her family, friends, her band, as well as her mother.

Ever since the #MeToo movement began in late 2017 with Harvey Weinstein, women in the entertainment industry have been supporting and believing in each other's stories.

With the brief exception of Rose McGowan and Asia Argento, the vast majority of women have had each other's back, and Phoebe Bridgers and those closest to her are no exception.

According to Bridgers, however, Ryan had his own people who had his back, but in a more nefarious way. Bridgers said Ryan worked with a "network" of friends including bands and industry insiders, and all of those people are supposedly complicit in the things that he has done. Pheobe urged men to call their friends out if they were "acting f*cked up" toward women.

As it was previously reported, Mandy Moore and Adams were married for approximately six years before they finally called it off in January 2015. Mandy accused Ryan of psychological abuse in the New York Times report published on the 13th of February.

Bridgers said in her report to The Times that there surrounded him a "mythology" which appeared to show that anyone who worked with him suddenly had an explosion in their career. According to Bridgers, Ryans would threaten to kill himself if she didn't text him back right away among other misgivings.

Furthermore, Bridgers claims that he held her music hostage. In other words, Ryan would withhold music they worked on together if she didn't respond to him in the way that he wanted. According to Phoebe, during their concert tour, she went into his room one day upon his request and he was standing in the room "completely nude."

Additionally, Moore claims Adams would say things to her like "she wasn't a real musician" because she couldn't play an instrument. Unfortunately, however, Mr. Adams' allegedly controlling behavior played a key role in her lack of financial success in the music industry during that time in her life.

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