Public Enemy Will Perform At A Rally For Bernie Sanders In LA

Public Enemy Will Perform At A Rally For Bernie Sanders In LA
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On Wednesday, the 26th of February, the Democratic presidential nominee, Bernie Sanders, announced he would be holding a rally in Los Angeles featuring a performance from the legendary rap group, Public Enemy.

Reportedly, the event kicks off at the LA Convention Center with the doors opening at 3:00 pm and the event officially starting two hours later at 5:00 pm. Fans of the hip-hop collective likely won't be surprised they chose to perform for Bernie, considering they've addressed political issues in the past, especially pertaining to African-American people.

Over a decade ago in 2008, the Green Party vice-presidential candidate, Rosa A Clemente, said on her Twitter account that Chuck D almost never endorsed a politician.

The frontman of the group later responded with some of his views, stating that he "believes in reparations" and other issues that people don't talk about. He went on to say that political issues are no longer US-centric, they were more related to the world.

On the other hand, not every member of Public Enemy's fan-base has supported the idea of him having Bernie's back. One person online tweeted that the Senator voted for the 1994 Crime Bill, to which the PE frontman said he didn't "expect anything." Bernie Sanders has been a popular option for the presidential candidacy this year, especially among hip-hop artists.

For instance, other artists such as Killer Mike, Bun B, and TI, have all backed him, as has Cardi B. In July, Bernie and Cardi actually sat down to discuss the future of the United States. Moreover, at a later date, Bernie said that Cardi B could easily be a presidential candidate if she wanted to be.

Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders was in the media headlines for his supposed behavior toward NBC executives, who the politician hasn't been happy with due to their coverage. Bernie reportedly was offended when a political pundit compared him to the "brown coats," or in other words, the Nazis.

His representative claimed that no other candidate had received such unfair treatment by a news network.

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