Nene Leakes' Son Bryson Bryant May Not Be The Father Of Estranged Child -- Baby Mama Allegedly After Nene's Money!

Nene Leakes' Son Bryson Bryant May Not Be The Father Of Estranged Child -- Baby Mama Allegedly After Nene's Money!
Credit: Source: Radar Online

Symone Davis has been very vocal about both Bryson Bryant and Nene Leakes' absence from his alleged son's life. A friend of the interior designer recently completed an interview that exposed Symone as a liar.

According to the friend, Symone is lying about the paternity of her son. She spoke to All About the Tea exclusively to reveal who the toddler's real father is and why Bryson goes along with it.

'That’s not Bryson’s baby. She was f***** Bryson and three other men when she got pregnant with Blaze. She told me that Bryson is not Blaze’s daddy. She said his real father is in jail. This is why she [Symone Davis] has yet to get a DNA test or take Bryson to court for child support. She knows he’s not the father and wants to keep the charade going. Bryson doesn’t believe Blaze is his child but when he’s not high, he treats the boy like a son and gives her [Symone Davis] a little pocket change for his care.'


That's not all the source said, they went on to claim that Davis is looking for a fat check.

'Symone is after NeNe’s money and wants on that show really bad. That’s all she talks about — being famous and rich.'

This definitely makes Bryson's statement to Radar Online more relevant.

After Symone went public slamming the 30-year-old, he spoke up to say that she told him the baby wasn't his.

'Symone is on something weird right now and I don’t know what her deal is. Look, when she was pregnant, she told me the baby wasn’t mine. I was like OK, cool and that was that. Now, all of sudden, she says it’s mine.'

To add gas to this fire, recent reports claim that Symone wants to be on Real Housewives of Atlanta to expose the mother and son.


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  • Anon
    Anon Jan 5, 2020 3:04 PM PST

    I wish the media would ignore Shathirty and she will go away. I for one am not interested in anything she has to say. A real Mom would just have the DNA and if it's his go to court. The child has to be growing up in all this drama. If he is all those things why would she sleep with him. She wasn't talking when she was trying to push her in. No DNA test what with that. Maybe since she brought it to court one will be ordered. But all this mess she talking has nothing to do with NeNe . She slept with him hung around with him knowing he was a addict. Just what were her intentions? Answer; to wiggle her way into the show. Bravo please ignore trash. Because all she is looking for is a thirty role on TV BYE girl you are are BIGTHIRSTY JOKE

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