Kylie Jenner Deletes Photo After Being Accused Of Cultural Appropriation — Again

Kylie Jenner Deletes Photo After Being Accused Of Cultural Appropriation — Again
Credit: Source: Makeup By Ariel/Instagram

Kylie Jenner has been accused of cultural appropriation — again. The reality star came under fire after sharing a throwback picture where she wore a blonde wig with twists (miniature two-strand braids). Though Kylie deleted the picture after the backlash ensued, her makeup artist Ariel Tejada kept the photo on his Instagram page. Some of Kylie's followers were angered to see her hair in twists. The Kardashian Jenner sisters often wear their hair in cornrows, despite the backlash that ensues.

Ariel said it was a throwback Thursday photo, but he didn't say when the photo was captured; however, it was from a 2019 photoshoot for Paper magazine. Ariel also said that Tokyo Stylez helped create the look that was in homage to Gwen Stefani.

Still, some people found it offensive that Kylie wore her hair in braids or twists — a style that is very popular in African-American culture. The backlash was enough to make Kylie delete the photo though other people have kept it online and continue to share it.

The Kardashian/Jenner sisters are often accused of wanting to be African-American. Others argue that braids are just a hairstyle that people of all ethnicities can wear, but since Kylie deleted her picture so quickly, many took that as a sign that Kylie somehow admitted to doing something wrong.

You may see the photo of Kylie Jenner in her braids and the caption that Ariel shared below.

Omgggg #Tbt to this never before seen pic of this look @tokyostylez and I did on The King @kyliejenner 😍Our reference was Gwen Stefani 🤍🤍 #makeupbyariel #kyliejenner 📸- @morellibrothers

What do you think of the photo? In addition to the braids, some people felt that Kylie looked too seductive in the picture. She was sticking out her tongue to the side and wore a green and white plaid shirt that fell off one shoulder.

Do you think it is wrong for Kylie Jenner to wear her hair braided, or in cornrows? Is it wrong for her to wear wigs and hairpieces that resemble African-American hairstyles?

Did Kylie Jenner do the right thing by deleting the photo or should she have left it up and stood her ground?

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