Trey Songz Hit With Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit For Sexual Assault

Trey Songz Hit With Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit For Sexual Assault
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Trey Songz, the R&B singer, was recently slammed with a brand new $10 million lawsuit from a woman and her attorney who claim the performing artist sexually assaulted her.

Reported by The Blast, the outlet claims a woman in Georgia, going by the name, "Jane Doe," filed a suit against him for putting his hands up her dress without permission, and also trying to insert his fingers into her vagina.

According to the suit, the woman claims the event took place in a Miami nightclub on the 1st of January, 2018, after Doe and Songz left a party at P. Diddy's home. On Friday, Trey reportedly posted a message to his Instagram which read, "Blessed. Stressed less."

As fans of the performer know, Doe has been accused of domestic battery before, however, the charges and lawsuit were subsequently dropped. As it was previously reported, the 2018 domestic abuse case mentioned above was rejected by the LA District Attorney.

Andrea Buera accused Trey of hitting her and giving her a concussion at a party in Hollywood Hills during the NBA All-Star Weekend. Afterward, the City Attorney's Office began an inner debate regarding whether or not the performer would face charges of misdemeanor domestic violence.

A spokesperson who spoke with the aforementioned outlet confirmed that Trey had been detained by authorities and slapped with domestic violence charges. Later, Songz, on Twitter, addressed the accusations and said none of it ever happened.

Songz stated he was being "lied on an falsely accused for someone's personal gain." In the same Twitter post, Trey claimed he was told by his attorney not to say anymore.

Lisa Bloom, known for representing a plethora of celebrity entertainers, many of which are women, stated she and her client were going to try and facilitate the charges via the family court. As it was previously reported, Trey also got in trouble back in December of 2016 when he tossed electronic equipment off the stage and into the crowd.


Trey subsequently hurt two different people, including a sergeant and a police officer.

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