Natalie Portman Will Portray The Female Thor In The Fourth Installment Of The Marvel Movies

Natalie Portman Will Portray The Female Thor In The Fourth Installment Of The Marvel Movies
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As it turns out, Natalie Portman is coming back to Marvel in the role of Thor! As fans remember, the actress played astrophysicist Jane Foster and the god of thunder’s love interest in the first two Thor films. However, fans started speculating that she would return for movie number four after sitting out the third one, Thor: Ragnarok.

It all started with footage of her from the second one, Thor: The Dark World, being shown in the highly successful Avengers: Endgame.

Seeing this, fans were convinced that she would be back in a future installment of Thor and they were right!

Yesterday, she surprised everyone by appearing at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2019 as part of the Marvel Studios' panel.

That is when it was announced that she is set to portray the titular character in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Chris Hemsworth is also expected to come back.

Director Taika Waititi told the audience that while shooting Thor: Ragnarok, he read from Jason Aaron's Mighty Thor comics and Jane was depicted as the female Thor!

‘So, there's only one person who can do that,’ the director mentioned, referring to Natalie, of course.

Then, as she took the stage, the actress received a Mjolnir hammer replica.

‘This feels pretty good. I've always had a little hammer envy,’ she joked.

So, in case you are confused, in the comic series, Jane suffers from breast cancer.

Meanwhile, during an attack by the Frost Giants on Earth, Thor is deemed unworthy of continuing to use the hammer.

But Jane does and she is dubbed as Thor: Goddess of Thunder.

She gets his superpowers and fights the Frost Giants.

Sadly, the whole thing neutralizes the effects of her cancer treatment and she eventually dies.

No worries, though, since this is the Marvel Universe, she does get resurrected!

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