Naomi Campbell Thinks Cameron Diaz Will Use Her Experience As A Mother In Her Potential Return To Acting

Naomi Campbell Thinks Cameron Diaz Will Use Her Experience As A Mother In Her Potential Return To Acting
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There's no question that fans miss Cameron Diaz following her long absence from the film business. Entertainment Tonight reported on a conversation on Naomi Campbell 's YouTube series, No Filter With Naomi, in which the pair of women touched on her decision to step away from the industry for the last six years.

Reportedly, Diaz hasn't worked on a movie set since the release of 2014's Annie remake, but this Tuesday, the actress admitted she wasn't ruling out the possibility of returning to the big screen. Diaz said on the podcast, "I haven't made a movie since 2014."

It's been "seven or six years" since she last made a movie, but Cameron says she was 100% ok with that. Cameron went on to say that she didn't miss the film business one bit, and instead, has been more focused on her family and other ventures.

The actress claims she feels a sense of "resolve," in the sense that she's in no rush to get back in front of the camera. However, Campbell speculated that Cameron would probably change her mind at some point following the birth of her baby. 

Put simply, Naomi believes Cameron would have a change of heart as a consequence of becoming a mother. More importantly, Naomi said it would likely make her an entirely different artist, in other words, she would approach acting in a new way.

"We'll see what happens," Cameron responded, "I never say never to anything." As most fans of the actress know, Diaz and her husband, Benji Madden, have a 9-month-old daughter named Raddix. As it was previously reported, Cameron and Benji Madden tied the knot back in 2015.

The star claimed that when it comes to getting married as an older person, you become more aware of what it takes to make something work. When you're single most of your life, Cameron explained, you develop a better understanding of yourself and are more able to work with a partner for the betterment of each other's lives.


As it was noted above, Cameron stepped back from the business back in 2014 following the release of the Annie remake, as well as films like The Counselor.

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