Kevin Hart And Charlamagne Tha God Are Working With Audible To Promote Content Created By Black People

Kevin Hart And Charlamagne Tha God Are Working With Audible To Promote Content Created By Black People
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A report from Forbes Magazine today claims Kevin Hart and Charlamagne Tha God are working with Amazon's Audible to promote African-American-created content. The idea behind such a partnership is to help promote the works of black artists.

According to Forbes, the multi-year deal consists of Charlamagne and Kevin Hart finding black artists and story-tellers to have their voices heard on Amazon's platform. Reportedly, Hart and Charlamagne will produce the content with their companies, including CTHAGod World Productions and Hartbeat Productions.

During their chat with Forbes, Kevin said the purpose behind the partnership was to give people of color a "better start." The stand-up comedian said black people have been working much harder and on account of their start from the bottom, and he and Charlamagne thought it would just be better for them to get a head-start for a change.

Charlamagne Tha God says he and Hart are from entirely different businesses, but ultimately from the same culture. He added that black people should "move with unity and group operation." Rachel Ghiazza, Audible's EVP, claimed audiences are eager to hear more from black people.

Fans of CT the God and Kevin Hart know both of them have already worked with Audible before, including in projects like I Can't Make This Up, Shook One, Black Privilege, and The Decision. As it was noted above, both Kevin and Charlamagne are valued members of the hip-hop community.

Hart has become a celebrated and respected stand-up comedian, as well as a great actor, whereas Charlamagne has been speaking about controversial issues in the black and hip-hop community for years. However, both men have had their fair share of controversies.

For instance, Kevin Hart was slated to become the host of the Academy Awards last year but was forced to apologize at the last minute due to unearthed tweets in which he joked about the LGBTQ+ community. Hart decided not to host the Oscars but did wind up apologizing for what he said.


Charlamagne Tha God, on other hand, was accused of sexual assault, however, the charges were later dropped because the woman refused to testify against him.


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