Cameron Diaz Says She Couldn't Be Happier About Quitting Acting

Cameron Diaz Says She Couldn't Be Happier About Quitting Acting
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Cameron Diaz stopped acting approximately five years ago and she couldn't be any more pleased with herself. During her appearence on In Goop Health: The Sessions , with Gwyneth Paltrow, the actress explained how her step away from the business was ultimately for the better.

The 47-year-old, Diaz, claimed a lot of people wouldn't understand, but for her, it was just "so intense to work at that level." To continuously be in the public eye was simply too much. Diaz says there is a lot of energy coming at a person when one has achieved that level of fame.

Paltrow asked her how it felt to walk away from her career at its height and Diaz said there was a sense of inner peace. Diaz went on to say that she felt as if she was finally taking care of herself. The first time she appeared on the movie screen was back in 1994's The Mask alongside Jim Carrey.

According to Diaz, she worked so hard and for so long making movies, and it was a real challenge. She never made any time for her personal life. However, in 2015, Diaz got hitched to the Good Charlotte member, Benji Madden, and this year, she and Benji had their first baby, Raddix.

Diaz says since then, she has chosen to stop making films and worry instead about her family as well as her personal relationships. She says the moment she met Benji, she and the rocker got married almost right away.

Despite her departure from the film industry, she has worked in other areas. This summer, Diaz dropped a wine brand called Avaline. Fans of Cameron know her absence from the spotlight has been a point of discussion on social media and in the media headlines. It seemed like Cameron was on top of the world when she chose to retire.

Cameron tried to keep the details under wraps, however, in one interview, Selma Blair explained that the actress wasn't going to work anymore. Blair later apologized and recanted her statement, claiming she didn't know what Cameron intended on doing.

Rumor has it that Selma wasn't supposed to announce Cameron's retirement.

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