Naked Emily Ratajkowski showed how to relax after a hard day

Naked Emily Ratajkowski showed how to relax after a hard day
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The collection of candid photos has been replenished with one more.

Emily Ratajkowski has shared with fans a new picture where she spends her free time with her pet. The nude model showed off a stunning figure, mimicking the pose of Colombo, the dog, as she rested on a colorful carpet.

Apparently, the funny photo was taken by Emily's husband, Sebastian, like other candid pictures that can be seen on social networks. Fans were delighted with the impressive shot and left more than four thousand comments.

In a previous post, We are used to the fact that on the red carpet Emily Ratajkowski sparkles in tight dresses and on social networks invariably in a bikini.

After all, this is a great opportunity to once again demonstrate the ideal abs and advertise your own brand of swimwear.

But for every day, Ratajkowski prefers rather comfortable clothes you will not see her in uncomfortable high-heeled sandals or in clothes that restrict movement.

Instead, the star wears wide-leg suit trousers and jeans, sneakers, jackets, and loose-fitting shirts. Today Emily celebrates her 31st birthday. In honor of this, we understand what the everyday wardrobe of an American celebrity consists of.

The model's favorite look is a pantsuit from a man's shoulder, a crop top or bra, and sneakers.

Such a moderately masculine and, at the same time, feminine outfit allows the girl to feel comfortable and maintain the correct proportions without getting lost in the "oversize." Recently, Emily has also begun to add a colored cap to everyday bows.

Even while pregnant, Emily has not changed her love for crop tops, blouses, and shirts. Sometimes the star even wears a bra instead of a top, combining it with suit trousers, straight jeans, and knitted joggers.


Recall that recently the model traveled with her family in Italy, attending fashion shows.

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