Emily Ratajkowski Expecting Her First Child - Check Out Her Baby Bump And Deep Essay For Vogue

Emily Ratajkowski Expecting Her First Child - Check Out Her Baby Bump And Deep Essay For Vogue
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The supermodel is expecting her first child! Emily Ratajkowski made her pregnancy public knowledge via an essay for Vogue and even showed off her growing baby bump!

The first time mom to be also went on to discuss the gender of her unborn child, making it very clear that she is actually ‘surprisingly unbothered’ when it comes to finding out what she’s having.

What this means is that Emily is happy no matter if it’s a boy or a girl and she also explained why she and her hubby chose to keep the answer a secret.

The 29-year-old model was super excited to share the great news that she and husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard are going to be parents.

On her IG account, Emily posted the visual cover for the Vogue issue she was featured in, which shows her cradling her belly.

In the caption, the model wrote: ‘Grateful and growing. Thank you [Vogue] for this very special cover.’

As for why she and her husband are not giving any importance to the sex of their baby, Emily dished that ‘I like the idea of forcing as few gender stereotypes on my child as possible. But no matter how progressive I may hope to be, I understand the desire to know the gender of our fetus; it feels like the first real opportunity to glimpse who they might be. As my body changes in bizarre and unfamiliar ways, it’s comforting to obtain any information that might make what’s coming feel more real.’

She went on to further discuss gender stereotypes and roles as well when it comes to raising a child.

That being said, the mom to be admitted she is ‘terrified of inadvertently cultivating the carelessness and the lack of awareness that are so convenient for men. It feels much more daunting to create an understanding of privilege in a child than to teach simple black-and-white morality. How do I raise a child who learns to like themself while also teaching them about their position of power in the world?’


For more on what she had to say about her pregnancy journey check out the entire message she shared with the world!

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