Miley Cyrus May Have Shown Some Red Flags In Marriage With Liam Hemsworth Before Breakup

Miley Cyrus May Have Shown Some Red Flags In Marriage With Liam Hemsworth Before Breakup
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After the dramatic announcement that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were splitting up, it also came to light that she might be looking into dating women for now.

And while the situation took some by surprise -- sources claim that there may have been various red flags in her relationship with Hemsworth and that he was perhaps not that shocked by what had happened.

Sources claimed that they had been seeing various problems between Cyrus and Hemsworth for quite some time and that the announcement of their breakup was just the cherry on top of everything else.

However, they did not go into detail regarding the exact nature of those alleged problems.

The two may have started to drift apart at some point several months ago for unknown reasons.

It is not known if Cyrus already had her interest in other women at this point, or if that came shortly before her breakup with Hemsworth.

In any case, Cyrus has received a lot of criticism -- both from her fans as well as Hemsworth's -- with many pointing out that she seems to have learned nothing from her past, and is still acting immature and inappropriately.

Cyrus has not responded to those attacks. She initially posted an official announcement of her breakup online, which went into some details about the problems she was having.

She has decided not to stay quiet about the situation and has shared her truth, and fans praised her.

One supporter said: "You are one cool honest, smart, talented, gorgeous lady - I hope you both aren’t too sad ❤️"

Another commenter shared: "And THIS is why you are the most trustworthy person I have met in LA. The real deal since day one, Miley. ♥️ You’ve always shared the real you, and you’ve done it with PRIDE baby girl. Life is YOUR journey.. only you get to choose how you live it ♥️ your real fans love you for every part of you and are just thankful to enjoy the fun and entertainment and compassion you share ♥️ be YOU baby girl bc you da shiiiiiiiiiiiiit. ♥️♥️♥️"

This backer revealed: "Come y'all let's all smoke it up with Miley uplift her mood who cares what people say being you IS THE BEST YOU and no one should ever take it away. We are all mature enough, so they tripping with dattt cake, losers. ain't no harmmmm in MJ just gotta be responsible😎😎😎😉😉😉😉 girl your TALENT speaks for it all so they Hatinn' people manipulate everything and anything #muchlove."

Miley just wants to live her best life.

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