Remy Ma Has Important Advice For Moms Regarding Baby Hair Loss

Remy Ma Has Important Advice For Moms Regarding Baby Hair Loss
Credit: BET

Remy Ma shared some new photos featuring her and Papoose's gorgeous baby girl, Mackenzie. She also has some important advice for mothers regarding the hair loss of their babies.

'@ReminisceMackenzieMackie was so well behaved & let me try something new today 🥰SB: Mommys be careful- I know that babies normally have hair loss around this age but I think the hats & headbands make the baby’s hair come out more- even if they don’t wear them that much #RemyMom 😏 #RemyMa #TGC #KenzieGirl,' Remy captioned the photos.

Someone said: 'What do u use in her hair to help it grow? I have a 9-month-old and I'm trying to get her hair to grow back in on the sides.'

Another commenter wrote: 'Don’t put nobody baby up to be judge on the do’s and don’ts! Her momma loves her, she's beautiful and health. She’s already winning.'

One follower said: 'girl rubber bands take out hair too. don’t do them too tight or she’ll be having hair loss.'

A commenter posted this: 'I always felt that’s what added to baby’s hair loss. The hats & scarves are usually cotton which will dry out the hair. And we need all the moisture.'

Someone else posted: 'If ya find a reason to talk down about this baby's hair then you are truly ain't nobody fault that you don't have all ya rent 💰 but ya own😂😂😂'

Not too long ago, it was reported that Remy Ma and Papoose, together with their fans, are celebrating the fact that Remy Ma is officially off on parole.

Papoose posted a video in order to celebrate the important event on social media.

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