Miley Cyrus Cuts Cody Simpson’s Hair To Match Her Own!

Miley Cyrus Cuts Cody Simpson’s Hair To Match Her Own!
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After Miley Cyrus received an at-home haircut from her mom, it was her turn to try a DIY hairstyle on her boyfriend, Cody Simpson! That being said, the Australian singer now rocks a buzzcut!

Now, the singer couple has matching mohawk hairstyles and it’s super cute!

Miley took to social media to show a behind the scenes pic of the process of getting Cody’s sides buzzed off.

The artist usually rocks his hair longer but this quarantine has been the perfect time for many to try out new things!

The black and white photo that Miley shared on her IG Stories had ‘matching mohawks’ written alongside it, making reference to the fact that she got her hair cut shorter not too long ago.

The celeb received a lot of help from her mom, who was also getting instructed every step of the way by a hairstylist over FaceTime!

After all, Miley wanted some sort of modern pixie-mullet combination hairstyle which is not easy to do and can be hard to nail!

Still, her mother did a great job and it looks like it can also be styled into a mohawk as well, just like Cody’s new ‘do!

The photo features a shirtless Cody sitting down with half his face in the shot while Miley was holding a pair of electric clippers, his bleach blonde locks hanging onto the blades.

Fans loved the idea that the pair would sport matching hairstyles and have been waiting for the final reveal of Cody’s ‘do.

As mentioned before, Miley has been rocking what she calls a ‘modern mullet’ a hairstyle that she previously predicted would be fashionable again.

She posted the video interview from 2008 that has young Miley saying it would come back in style ‘If it’s edgy, not like the country version —  but if it’s edgy and spiked more, I think it’s actually kind of cool. I think it’s kinda gonna start to come back.’

In the caption, she wrote: ‘The mullet is officially back when ‘08 Miley says so….. perioTTTTT.’

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