T.I. Is Another Celebrity Who Is Outraged By The George Floyd Case Involving Police Brutality

T.I. Is Another Celebrity Who Is Outraged By The George Floyd Case Involving Police Brutality
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Earlier, it's been revealed that Cynthia Bailey publicly declared the fact that she is enraged by what had happened to George Floyd who died following police brutality. Now, as you probably expected, rapper T.I. also has some messages that he wanted to share on his social media account.

'So fu*kin sick of posting this shit Maaaaan... But then if we don't, it goes unnoticed. I'm ready when y'all is... IT won't STOP UNTIL WE STOP IT‼️#ByAnyMeans #LongLiveGeorgeFloyd #USorELSE✊🏽' Tip posted.

Someone said: 'They are savages man. Uneducated brutes with power. They inflict fear and violence to the communities they're supposed to be protecting. When is this going to stop? When are department heads gonna fire these animals.'

Another follower posted this message: 'The hardest thing to watch. Please God make it stop already.'

A commenter wrote: 'We keep running to the oppressor to complain about the oppression. But oppressors dont aid the oppressed🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️ MALCOLM X TURNING IN HIS GRAVE RIGHT NOW!'

Someone else said that 'The federal gov't needs to step in... Idky this video was my fed-up point.... but losing your job isn't good enough anymore... settlement money isn't good enough anymore... punk jail time isn't good enough anymore...if an office is caught on camera in the way these officers were taking a life... automatic death sentence needs to happen.. because clearly the consequences for these actions aren't high enough yet.'

The commenter above continued and said: 'Maybe if the threat of their life was in play they will think twice about taking ours... I wouldn't stop there. I would seize their assets and give them to victims families... maybe if their family knew they had something to lose they would encourage go practices when they leave to go to work. I'm sure when y'all took his life his family felt stripped of everything! So now we gotta strip yours. Make the stakes higher I guarantee we won't look as threatening anymore.'

One of Tip's fans wrote: 'We need new laws !!! & a new president! These cops should not be allowed to do this! This is disgraceful, inhumane & disgusting to treat people like this!'

Tip made headlines not too long ago, when fans the relationship he has with his boys.

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