Milan Harris Drops The Bomb On Why She And Meek Mill Broke Up

Milan Harris Drops The Bomb On Why She And Meek Mill Broke Up
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Obviously, Milan Harris and Meek Mill aren't as close as they used to be. Hot New Hip Hop says the rapper and the mother of his child actually split up a few months ago. The outlet picked up on comments from Harris this week in which she explained why their relationship soured.

Reportedly, Meek Mill's love life has been on fire over the last few years. Recently, he started dating Milan Harris , aka Milano di Rouge, a fashion designer, and social media influencer. Hot New Hip Hop says everything was going well until they had a baby.

And when they finally had their child , things between them fell apart and they wound up going their separate ways. According to Milan, everything fell on her in the end, at least in terms of how their romance finally collapsed.

This weekend, Milan was showing off a Sunday dinner and a fan asked why they broke up, especially after having a baby. In the comment section, Milan wrote, "cuz I ain't s**t, I ain't gon be sh*t, and I don't have sh*t."

While it's not entirely clear why she said what she did, fans have been wondering if that's what Meek Mill had said to her in the middle of their breakup. It's also an interesting remark, considering Milan is very successful as an entrepreneur.

These days, Meek Mill has reportedly been trying to get with LisaRaye McCoy , after he commented on the news of her OnlyFans account. The rapper asked her if there was a VIP option available, and she told him she was open to going on a date sometime.

As it was previously reported, Meek Mill and Harris welcomed their child into the world earlier this year. It was right around the same time as his feud with Tekashi 6ix9ine, which Daniel Hernandez, aka, 6ix9ine, referenced.


The infamous rainbow-colored hair joked that Meek Mill's priorities weren't in the right place because he was more focused on what he was up to, rather than his recently born child with Harris.

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