Milan Harris Responds To Claim That She's Merely Meek Mill's 'Baby Momma' And Nothing More

Milan Harris Responds To Claim That She's Merely Meek Mill's 'Baby Momma' And Nothing More
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Milan Harris is more than just a baby momma to Meek Mill . A fan on social media recently said to Ms. Harris that she was just another baby-maker to Meek Mill, and the former girlfriend of the rapper responded with a sly comment.

Hot New Hip Hop says Milano Du Rouge, who also goes by the name Milan Harris , is more than just the mother to one of the rapper's children . She also has a career as a hairstylist, fashion designer, and general entrepreneur.

A fan on the social sharing platform explained how Milan Harris was just a "baby momma" and she was capable of so much more. Harris responding by telling them to check her "credentials." "And once you do, don't ever discredit me again," Harris clapped back.

Harris went on to say there was nothing wrong with being just a baby momma, saying how many women out there are mothers, including the social media haters' own aunts, grandmothers, and mothers. Harris asked why people don't talk that way to their own families but feel they can to her.

Harris urged the social media commenter to take that same attitude to family reunions, rather than just for public figures and other celebrities.

As it was previously reported, Harris and Meek Mill have purportedly split up . Earlier this week, Milan took to her social media to show off a weight-loss after she gave birth. She wrote in the caption that the best way to get revenge on an ex-boyfriend was to get back in the gym and make them miss you.

The social media reaction was fairly positive, although, as usual, there were some commenters who accused her of "fat-shaming" among other criticisms.

Meek Mill, on the other hand, has been in the headlines for his various feuds with other rappers in the industry, including Tekashi 6ix9ine, 50 Cent, as well as the media figure, DJ Akademiks. All three men accused Meek Mill of being a hypocrite in many ways.

For instance, DJ Akademiks and 6ix9ine said he was a snitch in the same way for associating himself with people who have been accused of telling on former associates.

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