Meek Mill Compares The Hood To Squid Games - Check Out His Fans' Reactions

Meek Mill Compares The Hood To Squid Games - Check Out His Fans' Reactions
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Meek Mill just compared the hood to Squid Games. Check out his message and take a look at some of his fans' reactions.

Someone said: 'This message definitely has some truth,' and another follower posted this: 'No lies told! It was rich ppl playing games with ppl who were desperate.'

A follower said: 'Facts. They was really in there killing each other so they could be the last one standing,' and one other follower said: 'naw he gotta point but yall gone say he tweaking cause its meek.'

Someone else said: 'He’s right! The series was an example of art imitating life in various ways,' and a commenter posted this: 'The fact yall In the comments don’t even comprehend what he saying is beyond me yall hate dude for no reason.'

One fan said: 'Y’all gone disagree and make fun of him because he’s meek, but he’s telling the truth! Don’t shoot the messenger!' and a commenter posted the following message: 'You can help people with work & money and still get done wrong. Evil is just within some people.'

A follower posted: 'Sh*t definitely true. It’s so simple for minimum wage to get raised, but they rather give us the bare minimum. So some ppl don’t have no choice but to move negative just on some survival sh*t,' and one other fan said: 'Na, it's not the same. The people in Squid Games were actually killing each other for money. Dudes in the hood kill up each other for neighborhoods and streets they don't even own.'

Back in September, we revealed that Meek Mill   had a problem with Karen Civil, and he made sure to post it on social media. Check out the post below.

Someone said: 'Everybody thought he was lying she mess af' and another follower posetd this: 'He's not the first person to say something about her. Something is not right with her.'


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