Meek Mill Waiting For Nicki Minaj To Dump Kenneth Petty To Win Her Back, Source Says

Meek Mill Waiting For Nicki Minaj To Dump Kenneth Petty To Win Her Back, Source Says
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One insider report says that Nicki Minaj’s ex, Meek Mill is ‘shocked’ that she and her current man, Kenneth Petty are still together. Apparently, the rapper still hopes they will one day reconcile, reason for which he has allegedly been waiting for the two to break up so that he can make his move.

As you know, a lot of fans of the female emcee have been disapproving of her and Petty’s relationship as well since he is a registered sex offender.

It sounds like Mill totally agrees that he’s not good for Minaj.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Meek is shocked Nicki is still with Kenneth. He was surprised they first hooked up and he's more shocked now that they've stayed together as long as they have been.’

Nicki and Kenneth were high school sweethearts and rekindled their love in December of last year.

Ever since then, they have been inseparable to the point that the man even joined the rapper on her tour’s European leg, transforming the whole thing into a romantic vacation!

As for Meek, he and Nicki broke up at the beginning of 2017, but it turns out that he may still be thinking about her after all this time.

‘Meek thinks about Nicki all the time, even misses her sometimes. [However] Meek will never reach out to her as long as Kenneth stands in the way.’

Instead, he has been ‘waiting for Nicki to come to her senses. Meek feels like she should be with someone more successful, and on her same level, like him. Meek also thinks  Nicki ought to be spoiled by her man, not worried about how he's going to pay his bills. Meek has a lot of respect for her but feels that her current relationship is ridiculous.’


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