Michael Jackson Hit With New Rumors -- Some Are Weird And Others Positive

Michael Jackson Hit With New Rumors -- Some Are Weird And Others Positive
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Even long after his death, Michael Jackson cannot catch a break, as the singer is still surrounded by countless rumors about how he allegedly lived his life.

As can be expected, not many of them are very positive, with many people just looking for any excuse they can get to attack Jackson.

Recent rumors have tried to paint him in a more questionable light in mental terms, claiming that he liked to sleep on the floor because he wanted to be closer to Earth.

Peter “Phoebe” Freestone, who worked with Freddie Mercury for 12 years before his death, made this revelation: “Freddie said, ‘You’ve got money why don’t you buy a bed?’ And Michael just said, ‘I feel so much better when I’m closer to the Earth.’ Freddie said, ‘Well how much closer does not having a bed make you? We’re upstairs.’”

He did have some good things to say about MJ. He spoke about the musicians recording for eight hours straight one day and creating magic when they made hits such as "State of Shock" and "There Must Be More To Life Than This."

Freestone said: “The combination of the two of them, but just being there while they were feeding off each other. Each of them was just giving out everything they could to create something, and to be present at that sort of thing is amazing,” he gushed."

He added: “The same happened with David Bowie with Under Pressure for Queen. To be present when you have… it’s almost like electricity. Then you feel the tension in the air, and there’s that ozone smell. It’s almost like that.”

It has been known for a while that MJ had some strange habits, but many have questioned the recent attacks on his personality, claiming that much of what the singer has been getting has been very undeserved and uncalled for.

Opinions have been mixed in this regard, with some people believing that there is more to the stories around him that the public just never saw.

Fans of MJ say he has been dead for quite some time, and it does not make sense to keep bringing up old incidents from his life, whether proven or alleged ones. Critics say he must pay for his sins and wrongdoing.

The rumors circulating him likely will not stop anytime soon, though, whatever might end up happening on the official front.

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