Social Media Congratulates Constance Wu After It Was Announced That Fresh Off The Boat Is Ending

Social Media Congratulates Constance Wu After It Was Announced That Fresh Off The Boat Is Ending
Credit: Source: Hollywood Reporter

The hit show that brought Asian-American representation to ABC is ending. Social media is mourning Fresh Off the Boat after it was announced that the series has been canceled but there is one person that fans agree is probably celebrating the grim news: Constance Wu.

ABC announced that FOTB will end after the sixth season that is currently airing. The show that made Constance Wu and Randall Park household names ran for 105 episodes and became a favorite among prime time fans.

You may remember drama from earlier this year when Wu had a meltdown that the series was renewed when she tweeted: 'So upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh F***.'


She followed that up with 'F****** H***' and told a fan that it wasn't great news that the show she stars in got renewed.

The actress later apologized and explained that she was upset because she wanted to work on other projects. Later on, it was rumored that she is hard to work with behind-the-scenes and has been compared to Katherine Heigl.

As soon as it was revealed that FOTB will not be returning to the small screens, Constance became the butt of so many jokes that her name started trending on Twitter.

Comedian Chris D'elia tweeted: ' Now Constance Wu can be a HUGE MOVIE STAR!!!!'

While another user added: 'Congratulations Constance Wu!'

This Twitter account tweeted: 'Constance Wu manifested that her show would end. It's real people.'


One user didn't want the drama about the actress to make others overlook the huge deal it was for the Asian community and Asians in the entertainment industry.

' Just pls let the Constance Wu jokes remain inside your head & celebrate this Asian-American sitcom that stayed on network TV for 6 seasons & elevated representation with its culturally nuanced take on a family comedy (it might even lead to a new spin-off now).'

Will you miss Fresh Off the Boat? Do you think Wu is relieved?


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