Melania And Donald Trump Involved In Yet Another 'Hand-Gate' - Check Out The Awkward Video!

Melania And Donald Trump Involved In Yet Another 'Hand-Gate' - Check Out The Awkward Video!
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Once again, the First Lady of the United States was caught on camera seemingly flicking her husband, President Donald Trump’s hand away!  This only adds to the many instances where their body language suggested they are not really doing well at all as a couple.

While it’s happened before, this time around, Donald and Melania were in attendance at a college football championship game when he decided to grab her hand.

Judging by the clip that captured the moment, it really appears that Melania did not like it at all!

Maybe after the first time she looked repulsed and pushed his hand away, Donald should have learned from it and not done it again!

Before the playing of the National Anthem at the College Football Championship game between Louisiana and Clemson the Trumps walked onto the field to stand at attention.

They got into position and then Trump grabbed his wife’s hand, only to have her pull away after a few seconds.

As you can imagine, a lot of people noticed this and were quick to take on social media to react to it.

Here are a few of the tweets about the latest ‘Hand-Gate:’ 'Melania hand snatch game is strong.’ / ‘Not that I have any sympathy for her, but same, Melania. Same.’ / ‘Once again, Melania jerks her hand away from [Donald].’ / ‘Always love when Morpheus Melania Trump does the Matrix holding hand pull away with Donald.’ / ‘Wow. The withdrawing of her hand from his is noticeable in itself, but then the look on her face and her deep breath – double wow. Melania isn't happy with the dotard.’

At the same time however, since it’s not as clear as other times, a lot of users thought it was Donald who pulled his hand away from Melania: ‘Yo trump threw Melania’s hand so hard. wth is wrong with him?’ / ‘Looks like someone is a little stressed out about IMPEACHMENT this evening.  / ‘He abruptly lets go of her hand. She visibly catches her breath to compose herself as it happens. They don’t even bother looking at each other. Usually, she’s angry with him. In this clip, Trump seems clearly angry with Melania. No love lost here.’


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