Meghan Markle Secretly Invites Hillary Clinton To Visit Baby Archie

Meghan Markle Secretly Invites Hillary Clinton To Visit Baby Archie
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According to a report from, Meghan Markle has Hillary Clinton's back. Reportedly, the Hollywood actress turned British royal invited Hillary Clinton to visit her husband and child, Archie, at their home in Windsor claims a report from The Daily Mail.

Reports indicate it was actually the first time they came together. The former presidential candidate stopped by Frogmore Cottage, the royal family's home, and greeted the Deal or No Deal alum with a hug. Moreover, Hillary reportedly said hello to baby Archie and snuggled up to him.

A source who spoke with The Daily Mail claimed that both of the women have a lot of respect for each other. "They are mutual fangirls!" the source remarked. The outlet claimed Markle has respected Clinton since she was a young girl and even once wrote a letter to her when she was 11-years-old.

As for the contents of the email, Meghan allegedly sent Clinton the message about a "sexist" advertisement on television. The advertisement was for dish soap. Around that time, Clinton was still the first lady of the United States.

So right off the bat, both Clinton and Markle had some commonalities and reportedly spoke about that decades-old email. As it was previously reported, earlier this year, Markle opened up about what it was like to be a mother in the media spotlight, and Clinton expressed gratitude for Meghan and condemned the British tabloids' treatment of her.

During a conversation with BBC, Clinton actually said she wanted to give Meghan a big hug. Clinton went on to say that she just wanted to tell Markle to not worry about the people bullying her online, and instead, always do what she thinks is right.

As it was previously reported, Prince Harry and Meghan had their first baby in May of this year. Following the birth of baby Archie, Meghan reportedly became the target of certain tabloids that supposedly condemned her behavior in particular circumstances.

One report in question claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had set up a series of rules for their neighbors, including the prohibition of talking to them. Later, both parties denied this ever happened.


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