Meghan Markle Pining To Get Role In Major Hollywood Blockbuster New Reports Reveal

Meghan Markle Pining To Get Role In Major Hollywood Blockbuster New Reports Reveal
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Meghan Markle is moving on from her life in the royal family to Hollywood. The Daily Mail recently reported that Meghan was looking for a role in a major superhero movie.

A source who spoke with the outlet explained that Meghan has already done some work and planned meetings with Disney, so she's hoping now to transition into more serious roles in film.

Word has it that the Suits alum is hoping to land a job in the MCU. As it was previously reported, Meghan and Harry first announced their departure from the royal family at the beginning of 2020, after months of speculation of infighting between members.

The Daily Mail claims there is some obvious interest in hiring Meghan, including a few companies who have tried to hire her. Nick Collins, who acts as Markle's agent, has apparently had his hands full ever since Markle announced her intention to find new work in the business.

Fans of the royal family know that Meghan and Harry's announcement to leave hasn't been received positively by everyone. Earlier this year, Meghan and Harry were the subjects of reports regarding Canadian tax-payers, who apparently have decided against paying for the couple's security.

Additionally, Queen Elizabeth asked for Prince Harry and Meghan to cease using the "royal" title if they're no longer in the family. Later, Meghan and Harry released a statement in which they stated the Palace didn't have the right to stop them from using the term "royal," but they didn't intend on continuing to use it anyway.

Reportedly, Meghan and Harry will leave the British Monarchy at the ending of March, on the 31st. Since Meghan and Harry announced their exit, they've been in the headlines a number of times, even Meghan's father has been as well.

For instance, earlier this year, Thomas Markle sat down with reporters and accused Meghan of dumping her old family, moving on to a new one, and then dumping them too.

Furthermore, he claimed Harry and Meghan "destroyed" the royal family which he described as an "institution."

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