Megan Thee Stallion Bashes Hater Who Linked Her Deal With Jay Z And The Death Of Her Mother To The Devil After Sharing This Photo

Megan Thee Stallion Bashes Hater Who Linked Her Deal With Jay Z  And The Death Of Her Mother To The Devil After Sharing This Photo
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After the untimely death of her mother, rapper Megan Thee Stallion seems to have chosen a method of consolation that is popular among many -- indulging herself deep into her work to get a distraction from the developments in her life.

And while that is an entirely natural approach for many people, it seems to have drawn some negative attention towards Megan, with some of her fans accusing her of being disrespectful towards her late mother -- Holly Thomas.

Others have been much more supportive of the rapper, noting that she is a strong woman to be able to keep her head up in a situation like this.

Recently, Megan Thee Stallion has decided to open up about the situation, claiming that this is precisely what her mother would have wanted.

It is no secret that Megan’s active involvement in the rap scene has been mainly due to her mother’s influence on her, and she has been very open about this throughout the years.

She said: “After my mom passed, I promised myself I was going to keep going hard bc not only is music my dream, but it was her dream for me too. I have days where I want to go hide and cry bc she’s not here, but I know that ain’t what she would want me to do! I know she’s proud of me !”

The famous femcee from Texas recently revealed that she is making big boss moves by announcing her management deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

She posted a photo with Jay-Z, and it looks like some of the responses to her recent announcement have been somewhat divided.

Former NFL player Larry Johnson had this say: “A coincidence: Her mother, who was her manager, died in the month of March 2019, the same month of her ‘break out.’ Music industry filled with the easily corrupt fatherless children looking for Satan to be the ‘daddy’ they never had."

The artist hit back with: “Just because YOU found out about me around the time my mother passed does not make what you’re saying accurate. I’ve been grinding for so long and would appreciate if you weirdos on the internet would stop trying to associate my mother having A BRAIN TUMOR with the f*ucking devil.”

Fans are saying that the important thing is that she is doing what she believes is right in the circumstances of her mother’s passing, and she has been able to look towards the future with her head high.

Hopefully, she manages to maintain this attitude in the future and does not let the trolls get to her -- not that she has shown any tendency to be sensitive about other people’s harsh and erroneous comments before, anyway.

Her fans have her back, and they are bashing the haters.

One of them said: “Hella disrespectful, hella outta line, hella unnecessary... for any stranger to feeling comfortable to speak on the “theory” of someone’s MOTHER passing... like wow.”

Another commenter shared: “I’ve been listening to Megan since like 2016, before the make it hot mixtape dropped. There is no truth to what he is saying. She’s been grinding even before I stumbled upon her music.”

This backer wrote: “People ’don’t just BLOW UP overnight just because you ’didn’t know of them during the come up. Use your fu*king brain. As someone who is in the horrible “club” that Megan is in... I’m slapping the hog piss out of anyone who even mentions my mother’s death. The hell! She needs to send someone to get ole boys knees. Period.”

She has handled the attacks with grace.

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